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What is the style of the Leak Proof underwear?

We have 2 different styles the Everie™ Bamboo Leakproof Underwear and Everie™ Leakproof Underwear you can find their description below:. Everie™ Bamboo Leakproof Underwear:. Everie™ Leakproof Underwear:. Below you can find the sizing guide for our un

Does your underwear work for heavy flow?

Everie leak-proof underwear absorbs leaks quickly while providing the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and durability. For people with incontinence leaks, these underwear are more for light to moderate cases.

How do you properly wash the underwear?

Here are the steps to properly wash our underwear:.

What size should I pick?

Your hip measurement is the most important size to consider when trying to find the perfect fit. Please measure yourself carefully & refer to our size guide before ordering as we cannot accept returns from opened packaging due to hygiene reasons. If

How does Everie Leakproof Underwear work?

Our reusable and easy-to-clean underwear absorbs your flow. We make our underwear of 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex to give you ultimate comfort. In addition, we use clever textile technologies that wick away moisture, trap smells, absorb the flow & creat